"Fine Wine Lets Us Linger in the Land of Love and Music
But Great Wine Clubs Will Get You There"


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Let’s Explore, Shall We?

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Best Wine Clubs
Real people comparing and sharing their best wine clubs with you. Because nothing beats a tip from friends.

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Editor's note: What do wine clubs have to do with words like, "Fine wine lets us linger in the land of love and music"?
Think about it.....life is full of wonders. But there are a few that defy any real explanation. What are they?

Quite simply...... Love..... Music.... and yes.... Fine Wine.

Love and Music have a wonderful way of finding us.....but fine wine on the other hand.... requires a bit of detective work.

This is where a good wine club fits in.

Welcome to Best Wine Clubs Guide.

This is where we'll all give you a look at the surprising benefits of a membership in a club for a most enjoyable journey into the wine life.

Together we will explore a single important theme lies behind every page on our site:

A good life really does begin at home

But if you'd like to jump right in to see our best club reviews, just click here to see some first hand reviews from our readers, as well as our readers' most popular wine gift ideas and touching stories of celebrations and memories from all our wine adventures.

We hope you'll share your stories and ideas with us too.

“Are wine clubs the answer?"

The thing is....the day you really find “your” wine is a day you don’t want to miss. As we said...

it’s just too important.

And wandering into the local shop picking out a wine just because the bottle is a neat shape (hey we've all done that)....is not the way to find the wine meant just for you.

No.... what we need is to "hear it through the grape vine" if we’re going to take this journey properly. What we need is a partner in wine.

The ability to buy wine on line has revolutionized the choices and quality of the wines we choose.

Can a membership in a wine club be the answer? ... yes... yes it can.

Let's find your "lost keys to a good life"

What I’m about say, we’ll touch on in greater detail on other pages in the site, but here’s the short answer.

Life and relationships can be a struggle, especially if you are missing some of the great joys to experience and more importantly... share with someone.

And the thing is.... you don't have to miss them.

I’m pretty passionate about how fine wines fit into a life well lived. But that’s because I have seen how, once a person finds them, life’s simple treasures transform relationships and the way a person lives their life.

Some great things to look forward to

  • Receiving your delivery from your club every month... well...It’s like a “pause button” for your busy life.... and that's something we all need and every relationship needs
  • A special meal and date with your special someone when your wonderful bottles arrive at your door
  • And that date is something you will look forward to together every month
  • A good club will offer suggestions based on your taste and interests

"This is such a fun way to explore the world of wines. It’s a great idea to keep a diary of what you like about certain wines suggested by your experts." - Donna from CA

Very soon you will develop real opinions and get closer and closer to “your” wine.....more on that below!

Editor's note:
Many of the clubs we've found for you will get you set with great recipes and food choices to go with a specific bottle of wine.

Now we’re talking!

best wine clubs guide readers

There’s no getting around it....it is just so impressive when you, as host or hostess pulls out the perfect wine to compliment the wonderful meal you are serving to friends or associates.

  • And to be able to give a background and story of the bottle you are pouring...well....it’s a great thing.

If you want to go straight to our best wine clubs reviews, click here or on the navigation bar on the left side of this page

“How do wine clubs work?”

Here’s what you can look forward to with your membership:


Cellars Single Bottle Club?

$19.95 per month
(and that includes shipping)

  • Sign up online as a member after you make your choice of wine club
  • Wine clubs will send you specific wines or a variety of wines every month (wine of the month club) or in some cases, every three months.
(The types and varieties you are sent are based on your preferences....or let the experts choose for you)
  • You’ll create a personal profile once you become a member
(Believe me....it’s a real thrill to be savored when that box arrives every month)
  • Wine clubs will ship most places, but check their shipping policy because they are still not able to ship to a few states. And make sure an adult over 21 signs for your delivery.

Creating a “themed” wine club membership

Let’s say you want to join a California Wine Club. You can tailor your “theme” to be sent a variety or specific California red wines. Or California white wines....or a mixture of the two....or let them surprise you.

Or......maybe you want to create a broader theme, choosing a variety of wines from east and west, north and south.

Imagine creating a theme based on tiny specialized vineyards from anywhere in the world.

* And I'm really happy to say we now have a wine club here that does just that

Find your perfect match

There is something here to meet every budget and taste. From modestly priced memberships, to premium memberships.

“How can I find MY wine?”

If you are an experienced wine enthusiast, wine clubs couldn’t be a better choice! Your club can find those tough to find favorites of yours.

No more wishing or running around trying in vain to find that special wine you love so much. Because......

"Your club will be your knowledgeable partner and even surprise you with wonderful new wines for you to try"

But absolutely, if you are looking for wineclubs for beginners, use the recommendations of the experts at your club. At first let them choose your monthly wine choices. This is a great way to get to know your inner wine lover.

Like all potions, (remember? “Fine wine lets us linger in the land of Love and Music.”) not all wines have the same effect on everyone. You have to find the one you can call your own.

There are experts to act as guides, but the great thing about your journey into the land of fine wines, is that it is your journey.... your taste is all that matters.

*(We’ve got some nice profiles of the good folks who find and help you choose the wines at the clubs we’ve featured)

Very soon, you’ll be discussing vintages and varietals with the best of them!

As you find your taste, you can begin to request specific wines in your monthly delivery.

Wine clubs are one of the best ways to take this journey. They'll take you on a kind of “virtual” trip around the world tasting the wines the world has to offer....delivered right to your door.

Your beautiful journey.... And the fun and joy is in the getting there


We each have a wine waiting for us
  • Is it a red?
  • Is it a white?
  • Is it a California?
  • Is it an Italian?
  • Is it a French?
YOUR wine will be there ready for you when you find it. But there are many stops along the way. Lands within lands to travel. So.......

Welcome! All aboard!

We’ll start west and head east. Some of the stops you can look forward to on your journey:

California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia, Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Martha’s Vineyard, New York, South America, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Australia......whew!

That’s why your wine club is...... your ticket around the world

So where do you want to travel? There’s a wine club here just for you....to get you there. You’re ready for your next step. So let’s get started.

I wonder which wine club is best for you.....

Wonder how our little wine site gets thousands of visitors like you every week?

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We've been able to turn our passion and knowledge into something that has allowed us to quit our "day jobs". What could be better than that? And you can do it too.

Everyone is passionate and knowledgeable about something. Turn your knowledge into something that frees you to live your life the way you want to live it. Here's more information we are sharing with all our friends and family. We're happy to share it with you too.

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