American Cellars Wine Club and Cellars Wine Club Reviews : Two Different Wine Clubs. “The variety of wine and gifts is fantastic”

American Cellars Wine Club (ACWC) and Cellars Wine Club, are often mistaken as the same company. We can clear that up here.


Cellars Single Bottle Club?

$19.95 per month
(and that includes shipping)

American Cellars Wine Club is actually Vinesse.Com's original club. It has been a very popular choice for at least fourteen years.

We were particularly impressed with the reasonable pricing on some very fine wines. And you know this is something we look at for our readers because....what do we keep saying? That's right.... "everyone should be able to enjoy fine wine."

American Cellars Wine Club from has a very straight forward and easy to navigate site, so joining and ordering was a breeze. (Look for their special members only discounts)

Click here to have a look at all six of American Cellars Wine Club choices.


cellars wine club 2

cellars wine club

Our readers choose three clubs from Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club, is actually eight wine clubs in one.

Cellars is a particularly fun site to navigate and once you’re there, the ideas really start pouring in.

We found the wine clubs they offer to be varied and interesting and they have great wine gift baskets and wine accessories as well.

Editor’s note: For me, learning how wine is made all the way to finding a wine rack or a special corkscrew, satisfies something really basic in me.

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When you arrive at the Cellars Wine Club site, you’ll get a quite surprising welcome from your virtual host, Michelle. She pops up as your “guide” for the site. See video

You’ll get the feel for the site and what they offer very quickly.

  • Cellars is well established. They’ve been around for
    ten years online
  • Popular choice with thousands of members
  • Very useful and fascinating wine review blog
They have eight distinct clubs for every taste, experience level and budget. We found Cellars Club to be a well designed site.

Making the right choice of one of their eight clubs, was easy and enjoyable.

Editors note: There's more information on some of Cellars' other wine clubs here.

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* Go to The International Wine Club

Personal Reviews of Cellars Wine Club from our Readers

cellars wine club 3It's helpful and interesting to see our readers' behind the scenes looks at Cellars’ other clubs....

Our Newlywed members joined the
Premium Wine Club.

This is a great discount wine club they could enjoy and afford.

You can read their letter to us here.

Really, no matter where you are on your wine journey, beginner or expert, Cellars Wine Club has a club that will suit you just fine.

Click here to watch an intro video.
We'll be right here in this window so you can explore all our best wine clubs. 


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