“Is there an Australian wine club in the U.S.?”

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vineyard Finding a totally Australian wine club for U.S. wine lovers, has been a tricky search for us.

But I’m pleased to say we have found three choices for you.

* Wines of the World Wine Club

* The International Wine of the Month Club

* Great Australian Wines

The first is one we mentioned in our Best Wines Clubs section, when we were asked to recommend a variety of wine clubs with a broad international focus.

Editor's note: Remember David and Katherine from our Best Wine Clubs section?
australian wine club
They told us how the international wines from their Wines of the World wine club, had inspired them to travel to many of the wine regions featured in the wines they receive every month.

We then added a recommendation for the International Wine of the Month Club. We feel it features Australian wines with enough frequency to satisfy our lovers of Aussie wine too.

The International Wine of the Month Club also features amazing wines from up and coming wine regions that you simply never would have the chance of experiencing.

  • Australia’s Hunter Valley
  • Hungary’s Zemplen Mountains
  • The Mendoza region of Argentina

“Who chooses the wine at The International Wine Club?"

Like many of the great wine clubs we’ve found for you, The International Wine of the Month Club has a real person behind the title, “expert wine taster”.

international wine clubMeet Don Lahey. Don has been an wine educator, author and industry consultant for over 30 years......
  • He heads up a 12 person wine tasting panel at The International Wine of the Month Club.
  • Don and his panel will offer you remarkable and rare wines well below their retail price.
  • With each bottle of wine you will receive information on the vineyard and winery. Fascinating pictures of the regions, conditions and unique personalities that have created your wine.

Wine Club members get two hard to find, international wines every month.

This brings us to our brand new update.....

We finally found it. A U.S. based totally Australian wine club

It’s taken a while but there’s a new club focusing entirely on wines from Australia. It’s called Great Australian Wine Club.

Great Australian Wines was launched by Michele Anderson, an Australian-born wine specialist who lives in New York City.

Michele was the fine wine expert (“sommelier”) at the Regent Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

It was there she saw the rapidly growing popularity of Australian Wines. Michele personally visits the vineyards and winemakers, in all the wine regions of Australia.

We enjoyed reading about Michele’s expertise and passion for Australian wines. She gives us a unique opportunity to experience the best of the best from Australia in a U.S. based wine club.

Click here to visit Great Australian Wines.

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