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Carol & Jean choose The California Wine Club. See our review

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Newly Weds Discover

'Life's Simple Treasure'
Read Their Story Below or See our American Cellars Wine Club and Cellars Wine Club Reviews

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Nick & Angie Share Update
After Finding our Discount Wine Clubs

buy italian wine at the best wine clubs

Retired Couple Finds Their

Passion... See our Wines of the World Club Review of International Wine Clubs

International wine couple

Band of Brothers Chooses West Coast Wine Club.
See Their Story on this Page or our Review in the Washington Wine Clubs Section

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Wine expert Don Lahey Chooses Some of the Rarest and Most Affordable Fine Wines in the World. See our Review in the Australian Wine Club Section

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Your Votes Are In! You Rated Cellars Wine Club as the #1 Gift for Dad and Mom AND #1 for Mom and Dad In-Law. Find Out Why Here

vineyard Editor’s note: We created Best Wine Clubs Guide to give you a single site for a behind the scenes look at each wine club... there's plenty of "list only" sites. That's not us.

We've got real people who tell us the reasons behind their choices, so you can decide the absolute best wine club for you.

Nothing beats a tip from friends...

“So how do I choose a wine club?”

Ask yourself these question is based on your taste....and one question is based on your taste and budget.

That way you won't just be choosing from the best wine clubs.... you'll be choosing the best wine club for you.

“Should I focus on a specific wine region or should I try a broad variety of wine from many countries?”

“Are there any wine clubs that have great wine and low price?”

We'll let our readers show you how they answered these questions with our unique behind the scenes look at the best wine clubs online.

"Compare and Share" : Stories, Testimonials and Best Wine Club Reviews

Let's answer the first question with a couple of stories we've chosen from our visitors.

california wine club"My room-mate, Jean, and I were invited to stay with her family who had moved to California wine country.
I absolutely fell in love with the area and the wine we were given, which happened to be made by boutique winemakers in region.

When Jean and I returned home we definitely wanted to find a wine club that would allow us to keep enjoying California wine."

The best wine club for Carol and Jean after considering our picks?

The California Wine Club.

california wine clubsThe California Wine Club was created by Bruce & Pam Boring eighteen years ago. They hand select and deliver great tasting, limited production California wines and..... introduce their members to the winemaking families handcrafting each wine!

For Carol and Jean, receiving their California wine of the month takes them
right back to their wonderful trip to California.... every month.

See our review of The California Wine Club.

Or go straight to the California Wine Club here.


Here's the story of the young couple who had just been introduced to fine wines from around the world by a wonderful chef on their honeymoon cruise.

After their honeymoon they both realized that they couldn’t let their exposure
to fine wine to end there.

They looked at our best wine clubs guide and found a wine club to guide them
on their journey from beginners as they grow to be experienced wine lovers.

best wine clubs newlyweds
This is something they will share for the rest of their lives.

So..... the wine club the newly weds chose?
Cellars Wine Club.

Cellars actually offers eight different clubs to choose from for any wine lover...of any experience level.

They chose Cellars Premium Wine Club.

It has been just right for them as they start their marriage.... and their new wine adventure.

See the review of Cellars Wine Club.

Or go straight to Cellars Wine Club here.


Band of brothers' wine club helps them keep in touch.

west coast wine"My brothers and I were raised in California, but now we are spread out from here to Oregon...
Every chance we get, holidays or birthdays, we visit each other with our families. There's a lot of good food and good wine at these get-togethers.

So last Christmas I suggested we all buy each other wine club gift memberships. We wanted a wine club that could represent each of our states. This turned out great because we all give each other tips on wines we've found through our clubs.

So....the wine club the three brothers chose?

The West Coast Wine Club.

Read our review of the West Coast Wine Club.

href="" target="_blank">Or go straight to the West Coast Wine Club here.

Representing....... you guessed it..... the best in California wine, Washington State wine, and Oregon wine.


Here’s a note we read that pretty much sums up our philosophy here at Best Wine Clubs Guide.....

It's from David and Katherine and we'll call it:

Wine..... Life’s Simple Treasure. Here’s what David wrote:

international wine clubs"I'm retired now. 35 years ago, I made a promise to my beautiful wife, Katherine... that if she married me I'd show her the world. Well... it took me a while but I'm happy to say in the last two years we've been to ten countries!
And you know what? On our third trip we went to France. One bottle of wine we had there changed all our future travel plans!

We decided then and there to base our travels on the fine wine regions of the world. And now, even when we are not traveling, our wine club makes us feel like we are. It's a gift to be able to share this passion together.

What wine club did David and Katherine choose? Wines of the World.

David and Katherine created a broad theme membership that we talked about.

Wines of the World is a true international wine club. Premium wines from the world's greatest wine regions and wineries.

See a review of Wines of the World.

href="" target="_blank">Or go straight to Wines of the World here.

We’ve heard from many people like David and Katherine whose shared love of wine and the wine community, has rewarded them by helping them discover the world.


"Are there other clubs on the Best Wine Clubs Guide Short List that offer international wines?"

Yes and here's a wine club that answers this, and both of our guide questions quite nicely...... It's the International Wine of the Month Club.

international wine clubsThis is where Don Lahey, renowned wine educator, author and wine consultant, finds rare ... and we mean rare gems for you every month.

Don finds wine you will never experience anywhere else. Wait until you see some of the wine regions he features in his monthly picks.

Read a review of the International Wine of the Month Club.

Like us, The International Wine of the Month Club loves to hear great stories and testimonials from their members. They know it’s a pleasure and a reward to hear them. Read some of them here.

So that brings us to the second of our two guide questions.


“Has Best Wine Clubs Guide found wine clubs that have great wine and low price?”

This is an important question, and we've created a special section called Discount Wine Clubs. Because everyone should be able to enjoy fine wine.

Here’s a letter from Nick.....

discount wine clubs"My wife and I are both 28 years old. Last year I decided to start my ownbusiness. It was a scary decision and sometimes money can be tight. But I feel good about it. I didn't realize it, but I have a secret weapon that has really helped my business... it's my wife, Angie!

She's a great cook and loves to have people over. Recently we decided to invite our best customers over for dinner and wine.
It was a great night.
We definitely wanted to make a habit of having our customers over, but we would have to find wines within our budget.

Well... that first party was six months ago and we've had three more since then. Because we found such an affordable wine club, the dinners are a pleasure in every way.

After dinner everyone looks forward to the moment I bring in our latest wine from our club, and read them the story behind the vineyard that made it. It's kind of a tradition now and we have a lot of fun with it. I think everyone's impressed with our interest in fine wine and that makes us feel great.

Our business is doing better and better and the friendships we have with our customers means so much to both of us.

Nick and Angie chose.....

The Perfect Pair Wine Club. They send Nick and Angie two bottles of fine red and white wine every month for less than $15 a bottle.

There are many more stories that we love hearing, from people just like Nick and Angie. The stories may vary, but the happy endings are the same.

** The Perfect Pair Wine Club is actually one of 6 clubs Wine Express offers.

And many of our visitors are finding, like Cellars Wine Club, that Wine Express is there for them for their whole wine journey.... from beginner to experienced wine lover.

Wine Express’s other clubs are

*Many of you are wild about all things Italian (so are we!) ... and you really want a club that focuses here so you can easily buy Italian wine. Italian Stallions is a great focused Italian Wine Club.
  • Rich Reds
  • Winning Whites
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Connoisseur's Choice
Click here to see Nick and Angie's choice at Wine Express.


Our Editor's Picks

Best Wine Clubs *Price and Wine Quality Category*

buy wine on line

href="" target="_blank">The Discovery Tour Wine Club

Like Nick and Angie’s club, they include information on the wineries behind your wines as well as recipes and tips on food that goes great with each wine.

We have a review of the Discovery Tour Wine Club.

Join us at The WineClubs Page. See the three experts who choose your wine of the month at Discovery Tour.

Best Wine Clubs Guide Updates (Make sure you sign up for news of updates so you’ll know as soon as we add them) Just click on the orange "RSS" button up there on the left. No email required and you'll be plugged in.

- We just noticed a new offer for new members at one of the wine clubs we have here.

Signature Wine Club includes all the things we look for in a membership.

  • Recipes and suggestions for the perfect meal to go with your wine
unique holiday gifts
  • Background information on the winery and the fascinating characters behind the wines
  • If you find a favorite wine, you can stick with it every month

We have touching stories from readers about some very special gifts they were given from Signature Wine, in our Unique Holiday Gifts section.

Signature Wine Club is now including three bottles of fine wine to new members for $29.95 a month. So.... your first delivery will be less than $10 a bottle.

Australian Wine Club?

We get asked quite a bit if there is an Australian Wine Club available in the U.S.

The Great Australian Wine Club features Australian wine... in a U.S. based club. For Australian wine lovers, this finally puts their Aussie wine within easy reach.

Read Michele's story and how she created Great Australian Wines Club.

Many of these wines would be next to impossible to find in your local wine shop.

href="">We've put together something in more detail on our Australian Wine Club page.


Our new monthly gifts club guide....... Thanks for asking!

wine clubsMany of you have asked us to include a single place to find all the things that are such a wonderful part of wine enjoyment.

Great idea. We agree!

We are hard at work creating The Gifts Guide.

Here’s a sneak peek for you. Our first selection to The Gifts Guide is.......Amazing Clubs.

Like will have to smile when you see this.......

They have gifts and clubs for

    * Cheese and Cheesecake
monthly gift clubs    * Chocolate
    * Dessert and cookies
    * Lobster
    * And yes they have a wine club too!

We love it...what a hoot. We’ll go into more detail soon but for now

href=""> click here and have fun.

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