The California Wine Club : "The first thing that attacted us was their personal touch... Bruce and Pam are real people doing what they love"

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vineyard Editor’s note: With The California Wine Club you’ll feel like one of Bruce and Pam Boring’s friends. And they're the best kind of friends..... friends that give you great wine.

california wine clubIn fact, that’s why Bruce and Pam started their wine club eighteen years ago.

They realized the best wine they were finding was because of the advice of good friends. They were experiencing wonderful family-owned wineries they never would have found in a wine store.

They decided to start a business based on sharing these beautiful wines.

“What a great community!”

Editors note: I love the wine community. Growers and wine lovers. They really are special people. The whole wine culture just opens so many doors to the great things in

This wine club embodies all of this.

Pam and Bruce personally travel to California vineyards every month to taste and find something new and special for their friends in their wine club.

It’s their personal attention to their members that makes their wine club a great choice for all wine lovers.

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Personal review of California Wine Club

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