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* The International Wine of the Month Club-  truly rare wines at low prices for our visitors

* International Club: Wines From Europe to Australia, from South Africa to South America. No travel agent required :)

* Our Editor has arranged huge savings only for our visitors  with one of our favorite wine clubs

* Premium Wine Club (see review on this page) offers lovely wines from around the world at a very affordable price

Editor's gift to you:
Spring savings on individual wines and gift baskets just for our visitors

Editor’s note: The Discount Wine Clubs feature is important to me. You may have gathered after browsing Best Wine Clubs Guide, that fine wine represents something more than a “product” to me..... it's something necessary and basic to our life.

Fine wine is not something that is exclusive or out of bounds for us.

It is ancient and part of all of us.

This feature page, is my way of guiding you to one of life’s true gifts. One that enhances your life, loves and relationships.

With our reviews and reports from our readers, we believe we have assembled the finest wine clubs guide you will find anywhere.

Below we have personal reviews from a few of our visitors to give you our unique and personal look at our best and most affordable wine clubs.

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“This wine club is so affordable... premium wine clubOur new marriage means so much to both of us, and our wine club makes us even closer... if that's even possible... lol!”

Remember our review from the newlyweds? They chose The Premium Wine Club.

The club offered them the variety of wines they had loved
on their honeymoon cruise.   

And the price made it possible. $29.95 for...

  • 2 Different Reds, or 1 Red and 1 White
  • Monthly newsletter detailing stories from the wineries and wines featured
  • Discount on wine reorders

We had a look and we agreed it should be included in our Discount Wine Clubs picks.

We’ve got more on the Premium Wine Club here.


“Dinner used to be in front of the TV with a diet soda and a paper towel on our laps.

discount wine clubs couple

Our wine club has put us back at the table and we focus on each other again.  All of a sudden it’s like we just sort of woke up and said.... ‘Hello you.’ ”

The discount wine clubs on our Editor’s Picks list, have made it possible for thousands of us to be able to share fine wine together.
We are featuring The Discovery Tour Wine Club exactly for this reason. It's an introductory club that provides truly fine wine every month. Many of these wines are rated at 87 points or higher. (We explain how wines are rated here.)

At prices that are far less than you could expect in your local wine store.

We’ve created a special section for Discovery Tour Wine Club here, where you will meet the people behind scenes choosing the monthly featured wines.

Or go straight to The Discovery Tour Wine Club


discount wine clubs

Remember Nick and Angie from our best wine clubs reviews page? They chose.....

The Perfect Pair Wine Club. This is a great discount wine club.

After reading Nick and Angie's letter to us, we contacted Wine Express to check some of the details of their Perfect Pair wine club.

They told us that Nick and Angie receive two bottles of fine red and white wine, shipped on the 9th of every month, for less than $15 a bottle.

The Perfect Pair Wine Club is actually one of 6 clubs Wine Express offers.

After posting Nick and Angie's letter, we've heard from more of you who are impressed that Wine Express is there for them for their whole wine journey.... from beginner to experienced wine lover.

Click here to consider The Perfect Pair Wine Club.

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