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Homemade Apple Wine

Homemade Peach Wine

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How To Make

Homemade Wine!

easy homemade wine and vineyard Editor's Note: How would you like a sneak peek at an easy homemade wine recipe? We plucked it out of a series of books we'll be offering you. Including the free "How to Make Homemade Wine" book above. Get it now before it goes back on sale.

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Your special "sneak peek" at an easy homemade grape wine recipe

It’s interesting isn’t it? Like tipping over that first domino.... a chain reaction happens when we pursue our interest in wine. Wine appreciation changes the way we live.
  • And one of the first things we wonder about is...

    How is wine made? Could I make wine at home?”

Editor’s note: Don't worry, you won't have to do what these folks are doing as they stomp grapes in the old fashioned way on a visit to Crushpad vineyards in California... Unless you want to!

homemade wine
This is a quick homemade wine recipe using fresh grapes. It’s a lot of fun and it’s pretty tasty.

Here it is.... 

Easy homemade wine recipe - How to make homemade wine with fresh grapes

Editor’s note: We’ve added a couple of tips at the end of our homemade wine recipe, so make
sure to copy and paste them too if you’re going to print it. easy homemade wine making kit Here's a nice kit for making homemade wine with plastic 5 gallon bucket, Carboy, and siphon etc
  • 21 - 28 days (Makes 15 bottles)
  • Keep grapes in clusters including stems
  • Wash grapes in cold water and put them in an enameled pot (not metal)
  • Boil 1.5 gallons of filtered water and grape clusters. Make sure there are enough grapes so the water just covers them
  • Bring water and grapes to a boil and turn down heat right away. Then simmer until the skins on the grapes begin to split. Turn off heat
  • While they’re still in the water, crush grapes using a potato masher or similar
  • Pour and filter the crushed mixture through a tea towel into a sterilized 5 gallon plastic bucket (this will be your fermenter), until you have 32 ounces of grape juice
  • Let cool
  • Throw out the skins and stems that remained in the tea towel or cheesecloth
  • Add 7.5 cups of white sugar and stir (see tips below)
  • Add 1 package yeast (You can use a package of regular yeast from the baking section or you can use winemaking yeast)
  • Allow to ferment for 3 weeks in the sterilized 5-gallon bucket
  • After 1 additional week, bottle

Important Easy Homemade Wine Recipe Tips:

  • Don’t expose the grape juice or wine to any metal pots. It influences the taste... and not in a good way
  • You can play with the amount of sugar if you want your wine less sweet
  • Seven days before bottling, strain your wine through a coffee filter. Take this opportunity to clean the bucket. Then put the strained wine back in. At this point try adding some bentonite clarifier (this is a natural clay type substance that attracts sediment)
  • Just before bottling, strain the wine through a coffee filter again to remove the clay clarifier and sediment

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How To Make

Homemade Wine!

New - Easy Homemade Wine Recipe: Peach Wine

homemade peach wine
We've just added a recipe for peach wine. Come have a look, we think you'll enjoy it.

New recipe for Homemade Apple Wine

homemade apple wine We've got the new Homemade Apple Wine recipe here. And we've even added some pictures of some of us gathering apples at our editor's summer place.

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