Making "Free" Wine - Insider's Home Wine Making Tip

By Mike Carraway

In this article, I will detail how you can get an endless supply of absolutely FREE fruit and grapes to make your home made wine.

Free wine? I know it sounds too good to be true - it's not.

Years ago, when I first started making my own wine, the biggest cost that I faced was buying all the fruits, grapes and juices.Believe me, over a year, it can run into several hundreds of dollars.

I tried buying blackberries, grapes, strawberries. Expensive! Especially out of season.

Then I tried juices – the fresh kind you can buy at the grocery store – also very expensive.(be sure they have NO preservatives)

There’s a problem with store bought fruits and grapes.

The fact is that the fruits and grapes that your grocery store sells ARE NOT RIPE. They are harvested very UN-RIPE so that they will not spoil while being shipped to the store.

That means that there is a very low sugar content.

So - here's the secret to making free wine...

Go to your Produce Manager at a local grocery store (or 2 stores or 3) and ask him/her what they do with the "over-ripe" (to us - in the winemaking business, that means just right) fruit and grapes.

They will tell you that they simply throw them away.

Here's the inside secret - What they throw away is RIPE fruit. Fruit that has the necessary sugar levels to make good quality wine. That's what WE WANT to make free wine with!

Explain to them that you make wine as a hobby and that, instead of them throwing them it away, would he or she just give you a call and you will come and get it.

I have never had a produce manager tell me no.

Using this neat technique, you can just drive up to a grocery store and pick up 20 or even 30 gallons of FREE fruit.

As a nice bribe, ask them if they would like a bottle from your next batch!

Let me know what your grocer says.

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Cheers for now,
Your Wine Buddy,


p.s. If you are going to make your own wine, you have to have a place to store it. Build your own wine cellar! Head on over HERE and check it out.

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