"Can you tell me how much wine to buy for my party?"

how much wine to buy

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wine glasses at partyWhen looking for the answer for how much wine to buy, it’s important to ask the right questions first.

Let’s start with the basics and see what we’re looking at.

* A normal bottle of wine holds about 25.4 ounces.

* A normal wine glass holds about 5 ounces. So.....

* That means 1 bottle of wine holds about 5 glasses.

Now here are the questions you’re going to ask yourself.

  • How many adult guests are confirmed for your event?
  • How long is the party going to be? 2 hours? 6 hours?
  • Is it an afternoon or evening party?  People tend to drink more at night.
  • Weekday or weekend? People drink more on weekends and less on weekdays.

How much wine to buy? Let's calculate

Estimate about 2 glasses of wine per hour for each guest. Some guests will drink more, but others won’t be drinking wine at all. So that’s about half a bottle per guest per hour.

How long is the party? If it’s a 3 hour party, that’s 1.5 bottles per guest. 10 guests? That would be 15 bottles of wine total for a 3 hour weekend event, and maybe a little less for a weekday party.

Editors note: Keep in mind when choosing how much wine to buy, that for an afternoon party in the hot sun, people may drink less wine and more cold drinks.

Here’s a handy free drink calculator to give you a rough idea how much wine and beer to buy for your event:  Click here to calculate.

Some party tips

Although you can serve wine in any kind of glass, consider renting a couple of cases of wine glasses from your local party store.


You Can Buy Wine Glasses for Your Party

At our Best Wine Clubs Guide Store

If you enjoy entertaining quite often, you should probably buy a box of wine glasses.

It’s inexpensive, looks better and it’s a lot more enjoyable for the guests to have a proper wine glass.

Also, a typical wine glass holds about 5 ounces, so your estimate of how much wine to buy won’t be affected by guests using random large glasses or cups.

“What kind of wine should I buy for my party?”

Don’t spend too much on the wine you choose for your party. There are really delicious wines you can choose in the $10 - $15 range.

For red wine, we recommend a young and fruity wine. Not too dry. Like a young pinot noir. This will go well with most food you’re likely to serve.
It falls nicely in the middle of most people’s tastes.

For white wine, lean towards the slightly sweet as well. Like a riesling, chardonnay or chenin blanc.


Our Wine Discount Codes

In our Food Wine Pairings Section

We have a handy winesearcher to search hundreds of wines and find where they are available near you.

Editor's Note Remember, people are coming to your party
to enjoy seeing you and each other.

Your choice of wine isn’t something you should stress about.

Remember what we said?

"Fine Wine Lets Us Linger in the Land of Love and Music...”

Have fun!

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