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“I may never buy wine in a store again… I especially liked the pictures, the videos, and the step by step instructions. I have never made wine at home before, but now that I have seen how easy it really is, I may never buy wine in a store again! Talk about saving big bucks!"
Erica Chesney, CA

“WOW is all I can say…”
"WOW is all I can say. I was able to start making homemade wine within an hour of joining the Inner Circle. The best part? It was easy and my first batch came out great!"
Tim Roberts, VT

VIDEO #1  A Comprehensive overview of the wine making process. This is the video that gives you the "BIG picture." I even cover several hints and tricks that will almost guarantee your first batch will turn out perfect.

VIDEO #2  Equipment and Chemicals - I show you and detail each piece of wine making equipment, from racking canes to fermenters and corkers. Then I show and explain each chemical, step by step. 

VIDEO #3  Must preparation - this video covers the actual mechanics of putting your juice together. It's all about getting the starting conditions right so that when you open that first bottle, you will be amazed at what you have created... 

VIDEO #4   Must Balancing and Sugar Inversion - how to get everything just right BEFORE you put your yeast in. This is THE video that unlocks the inner secrets of making your own wine at home. I even cover acid testing and balancing - EXTREMELY important and you won't find this information anywhere else! 

VIDEO #5  Fermentation - Let's get that fermentation started! In this video we'll cover the starter mixture and the best ways to make sure your fermentation takes off with a bang. No slow or stuck fermentations will haunt you if you just follow the steps in this video.

VIDEO #6  Measuring Acid Content - The acid content of wine is an all-important aspect of the overall winemaking process. The issue with acidity is that in needs to change during the various phases of the process. You're going to have the resources to adjust your wine's acidity perfectly as needed.

VIDEO #7  How To Neutralize Acid Content - As already mentioned, a wine's acidity plays an important part in your wine's development. There will come a time though, that you'll want to neutralize its acidity. This video is devoted to your getting that step just right.

VIDEO #8   Pitching The Yeast - Once you've got sugar and acid content at ideal levels you add yeast to your must. This particular video is especially helpful because it's broken into 'parts' where I show you the various stages of the yeast working its magic.

VIDEO #9 Racking Your Wine - In this video I cover the all-important topic of properly racking your wine. Everything from protecting your precious wing from contaminants, to the proper use of your racking cane and more is covered in this 'to-the-point' video on racking your wine.


“This is a valuable tool…”
"The part about using a hydrometer and where to get one was the part that I never understood before. Even though I have made my own wine at home many times, this is a valuable tool. Thanks a million Mike!"
William Carr, FL

"Easy to understand and informative..."
Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I am real impressed with your video's. I find that they are easy to understand and quite informative. My brother and I have used a lot of your information to make a great wine even on our first attempt. We are just getting started on something that is going to turn into much more than just a one time thing. We are starting on our 3rd batch and loving every moment of it.

So many things things to do to improve something that is already good. We were totally surprised that homemade wine could be so good. I have tried quite a few from friends and some, almost all, were hard to get that first sip down with a smile (and that's good).

Again thanks for sharing your endless years of searching and gathering info. We are thankful for you sharing your wisdom with us." Ken S.

"WOW, you are truly the man - Mike! Your attitude of giving - is one I have lived all of my life - or at leats attempted to. You truly are a class act. I am new to this wine making scene. I have been in the restaurant & catering business - and am now in corporate mgmt. The information you have here and in the Inner Circle is not only an abundance of knowledge - but every time I have had a question - regardless of ho silly it may have seemed - you are always right like Johnny on the Spot with an answer. For that…THANK YOU!
I will starting my first batch in the next week."
Cajun Wine Maker…Lee 


“Holy Cow Batman!”
"Holy Cow Batman, this stuff actually tastes good! And I made it myself! My friends were AMAZED! Thank you Mike for your down to earth, easy to read e-Book that covered everything in detail.
If I had known this was so easy, I would have started making my own wine a lot sooner!"
Mariann Simmons, ME


"Hi Mike,
The first thing I would like to say is Wishing you a happy healthy and wealthy New Year. The second thing is Thank you so much!
For the first time in 5 years I made a great batch of Reisling from a six gallon bucket of juice. Most of the women and some of the men (I know ) like there wine a little sweet.
By utilizing your technique I came up with the best batch of wine I ever made from juice. (friends and family went nuts). Keep up the good work and thanks again for all of your time and effort. Happy new year!"

WOW! You have a lot of info, and it all seems very user friendly. The next bottling will be even better. It will go faster and the wine will taste better too. I’m 62 yrs old and have lived here at this location for 15 yrs and always wanted to make some wine. Mike encouraged me to finally just do it.
Regards, Tom

Seriously, I enjoy your messages and your book has helped me get started. I now have three batches in process - each with a small difference in recipe. I am now deciding what I want to use as a sweetener and getting ready to bottle. Even before it ages in bottle I think it is quite good. Thanks for all the information you provide. raja

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Full Wine Inner Circle System

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Making your own wine is so much fun!! My mother never used to weigh anything and her wines were great. At a wine tasting fair hers was given very high praise from the author of the book I now have! The only adherence to " protocol" was that everything was sterilized!
Thanking you,  Heather