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International Wine Clubs

vineyardOur Editor's Picks

* The International Wine of the Month Club - Don Lahey travels the world to find rare wines you will never experience anywhere else

* International Club: Wines From Europe to Australia, from South Africa to South America. No travel agent required :)

* Clubs Of America brings you the pleasures of the world's best handcrafted wines

* Platinum Wine Club offers lovely wines produced in limited quantities from boutique wineries & vineyards

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Good international wine clubs should be the next best thing to traveling.

MapRemember we were talking about how you can create a “theme” with your wine club membership?

We talked about the option of a narrow focus like California Wines of the month or Washington Wines of the month.... or a broad theme based on wines from many countries and regions.

Well here’s a wine club we found that’s perfect for creating that broad theme to your wine enjoyment.

Wines of the World Wine Club.... one of our favorite true international wine clubs.

“What a treat! The wine club notes that are included in our membership, are like finding a message in a bottle every month”

We found the Wines of the World Wine Club really “gets it”.... they understand the thrill of receiving your gift of wine every month. Not only do you receive two bottles of wine chosen by their wine experts but also........
  • Your choice of 2 red wines or 1 white wine and 1 red wine selected for their quality and depiction of that region
  • Each shipment includes wonderful notes and information about the wineries and wines. These notes really are like finding a message in a bottle......from real people at real wineries big and small, who are sharing their creations with you. It’s a personal thing.... the way wine is meant to be enjoyed.
  • Automatic subscription to a monthly email newsletter featuring wine tips, information on wine regions & trends, special offers and seasonal recipes
Editor’s note: The recipes are a great idea. Remember we talked about how you’ll find that a wine club membership gives you a special occasion to look forward to every month?

Well..... the perfect recipe complimenting your wine....... makes for one heck-of-a fine date. (Like the most important date of my life... and really the only marriage advice I can safely give you)

Taste the most popular wines
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international wine clubs David and KatherineDavid and Katherine.

They told us why they joined The Wines of the World Wine Club.icon

If you haven't read their letter to us, it's on the Best Wine Clubs page with many more letters and stories from our readers.

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