"Marriage advice... from a side road of my wine journey."

O in the VineyardFrom our editor:
Marriage advice? Hmmm...

If you had told me a few years ago that I would own a site devoted to making sure fine wine is accessible to everyone....

Well it would have seemed pretty unbelievable.

              But life is funny that way.

Here’s something I’ll share with you as a way to explain how I became the proud founder of the Best Wine Clubs Guide and..... to offer you my story. I'll call it:

"Lost and Found" - My single piece of marriage advice.

My wife and I found that when I finally slowed down my career, got off the road, and “returned home” as she calls it... it wasn’t as easy as we expected.

There was just a bit of a disconnect going on between us.... and we needed to acknowledge and deal with it. A relationship that was once so lighthearted and effortless... had become cautious and formal.

I had this terrible feeling that the longer we remained like this, the harder it would be to find the magic that had brought us together in the first place. Until finally.... we would lose each other entirely.

So here I am before you...  “The Accidental Expert.” The reason I call myself this, is because the marriage advice I'm going to give you, actually it's advice for any of your relationships, is something I learned quite by accident... 

Although my wife and I tried everything to “connect” again, it felt artificial and forced. We both missed each other and the relationship we had both treasured, but neither of us could figure out how to get it back...

Then something happened....

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Our good friend had been on the road, and had visited a winemaker’s family-owned vineyard in Northern California. During his afternoon on their vineyard tour, he bought a case of their wine.

He tried the wine when he returned home and he had that great moment when time stands still... he had found his wine. He knew my wife and I were in a rough patch and being a good friend, he immediately grabbed two bottles from the case and headed over to see us.

He didn’t come in...

He just asked us to promise him we would make a special date together and enjoy the wine together.

That was the first night, of the first step, in finding our way back to each other.

We prepared a nice meal together and sat down together at the table.... as nervous and careful as we had become lately. Then we opened a bottle of the wine our friend had given us.

It was a beautiful wine. We began to talk about it as soon as we had our first taste. We could almost picture the earth and sky and the California hills where the wine was born.

O and B
The conversation came easily. Laughter and tears joined us that night for dinner.

We talked all night..... and when the sun rose on a new day....

We had found our way back to each other again.

My marriage advice to you? The world of wine has provided a surprising “chapter two” for our marriage. 

And I’m convinced it can do the same for everyone.

So... here we are. And here is our site. I’m your accidental expert, offering you marriage advice of all things, but hoping to help you explore wine, life’s simple treasure.... the side roads and scenic routes of your own grand wine adventure.

Here’s hoping these roads lead you back, and closer to the ones you love.

Changes and surprises....

For my wife and I, our shared interest in wine has improved the way we communicate, the things we do and the way we look at life.
  • The types of food we eat
 Some of our marriage’s best moments are now happening in the kitchen. When we have a special wine night planned, we also plan and make a special meal... together. Me? In the kitchen? This is new and surprising.

Specific foods have been paired with certain wines for hundreds of years. And surprisingly..... chocolate is a traditional food pairing with many types of wine.

(You can see where I’m going with this and why we just had to add a wine gifts section to our wine club site. One can’t really have one without the other.)

  • The places we travel
Learning about the beautiful an ancient centers of wine making and the great winemaker communities, we can’t help but want to be a part of it by visiting these special places.
  • Our appreciation of friends and neighbors
The enjoyment and added depth to our lives... Like our good friend I mentioned above, one can’t help wanting to include those close to you on your wine journey.

When you picture enjoying a bottle of fine wine and great food, that picture is not complete without friends and loved ones close by.

Sharing a fine wine provides the reason and reminder we often need to connect with friends and loved ones.
  • And... what we give
As we mention throughout this site, Love, Music and Fine Wine are to be shared. These are the gifts we give each other.

So.... that’s the best relationship and marriage advice I can give you. Well... maybe one more piece of advice. Choose one of our best wine clubs, make a date and start talking and look at each other. Really look at each other.

"Connect, share your life and give the things you like best to the ones you love the most. "

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