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homemade peach wine

peach wine page vineyard Editor's note: Homemade peach wine, when it’s nicely made, can be delicious. And because it's not something you're likely to get from your wine club, we have a recipe here for you.

We have a couple of more recipes for making other homemade wines on the "Quick Guide" over there on the right.

But first, before you have a look at the peach wine recipe, how would you like to be able to easily create expert quality wine, with no fancy tools?

This is the best of the best folks, and you can use the simple step-by-step formula to make delicious wine from any fruit you want. The compliments you will get are going to tickle you!

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Homemade Peach Wine - Sneak Peek

Peaches by themselves don’t have much body and can make a wine lacking in flavor so....

In this recipe, frozen white grape juice, as well as other natural additives have been added to help with that.

Don’t worry about some of the ingredients if you're unfamiliar with them... they are natural ingredients and are commonly added to homemade wine.

They don’t cost much but they really improve the taste of your homemade wine. Click on the name of each item to see where you can find them.

Here’s a list of natural homemade wine ingredients and what they’re for....

  • Acid Blend... This is a powder made up of 3 natural fruit acids. Homemade peach wine can be a little lacking in the proper amount of natural acid content needed to get a nice flavor.
  • Pectic Enzyme... Pectic Enzyme is added to break down pectin so the fruit won’t “gel” when making wine.... gel is definitely not helpful when you’re trying to make homemade wine!
  • Tannin... This is a natural substance found in grape skins and stems. It is present in red wines, but it needs to be added when we’re making white wines. It adds flavor and helps make the wine clearer.
  • Campden Tablets... This helps sterilize the wine of "bad" bacteria as it is fermenting. Tools and containers must be clean and sterile when making wine. Just a bit of the wrong bacteria can spoil the wine as it is being made.
  • Yeast Nutrient... Sometimes a batch of wine gets “stuck” and slows down or even stops fermenting. The yeast sometimes needs a kick in the pants to get the fermentation happening again. Yeast Nutrient provides the vitamins and nutrients to keep yeast healthy and active.
  • Champagne Wine Yeast... This is a type of yeast that is ideal for making white wines. It is comfortable with the alcohol levels present in this homemade peach wine recipe.
  • Carboy... This is a large glass or plastic jug used for winemaking. 
  • Airlock... This is a cap for closing your container while it lets pressure escape during fermentation
Ok... let’s make some peach wine.

Homemade Peach Wine Recipe
with Added Grape Juice

  • Two sterilized “Carboys” ( these are your “Primary Fermenter” and your “Secondary Fermenter”)   
  • 3 pounds of ripe peaches
  • Frozen white grape concentrate - 1 twelve ounce can
  • 2.25 pounds of white granulated sugar
  • 1.5 teaspoons of acid blend 
  • Half a  teaspoon of Pectic Enzyme
  • Quarter of a teaspoon of Tannin
  • Water (Amount of water PLUS your peach pulp to equal 1 gallon TOTAL) Be careful not to mistake this to mean 1 gallon of water. This would make the mixture too watery and lacking in flavor.
  • One teaspoon Yeast Nutrient
  • One Campden Tablet (crushed) and One teaspoon Yeast Nutrient
  • Add your crushed Campden Tablet and Yeast Nutrient to your peach pulp, grape juice and water mixture (this is called the “Must”) in the first stage. Wait for 24 hours before adding yeast.
  • Champagne Wine Yeast 

Here’s the step by step for homemade peach wine...

  • Don’t peel the peaches. Wash them and cut each of them in half. Pluck the pits out of them. You can remove most of the darkest red flesh that sits next to the seed. It can be a little bit bitter.
  • Take your peach halves and tie them into a porous fabric like cheesecloth or nylon.
  • wine making kitGo to your Carboy or plastic bucket. This container will be your “primary fermenter (remember... sterilize everything!).

  • Squeeze your peaches with your hands while they’re inside their bag. Let the squeezings fall into your bucket until nothing more can be squeezed.
  • Boil your water and then add your sugar until it dissolves.
  • Pour the water and sugar mixture over the peach pulp in your bucket (remember pulp + water = 1 gallon total.... this is your "Must")
  • Ok, so now add your can of frozen white grape juice to the “Must”.
  • Go watch TV for a while or walk the dog and let everything cool off.
  • Now add your crushed Campden Tablet, Acid Blend, Yeast Nutrient, and Tannin. Don’t add the Pectic Enzyme and definitely not the yeast yet!
  • Come back 12 hours later and add the Pectic Enzyme. Gently Stir everything and cover your plastic bucket.
  • Go away for 12 hours again and come back to add the Champagne Wine Yeast. Sprinkle the yeast on top of your “Must” and cover the container again.
  • Stir your “Must” everyday for ten days.
  • Pour your “Must” through a colander or screen into a sterilized plastic 5 gallon bucket. After pouring everything through the screen, let the pulp that remains in the screen finish “dripping out” into the bucket.
  • Using a siphon, transfer your mixture to the Carboy (“Secondary Fermenter”) and close with an Airlock.
  • Every twenty five to thirty days pour your wine mixture from one Carboy to the other (cleaned) Carboy. This is called "racking". Do this until the fermentation is totally finished and the wine is clear.
  • Let the now clear wine sit for sixty days and transfer to wine bottles and cork them.
  • Give everything another three months in the bottles (lay them on their sides) and then taste.
  • See what you think and either serve your homemade peach wine then or let it sit and age some more.
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