"Where can I stomp grapes in Napa?"

Stomp grapes


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So you want to stomp grapes do you? I’m not surprised. Like we’ve said, once you get involved with wine, your journey will take you to some pretty unexpected places.

And one of the first things you say to yourself when you start your wine adventure is, “I wonder if there’s a way I could see these wonderful wines being made. I wonder if I could be involved in making these wines somehow...”

You may think it's strange to have this conversation inside your head....  Well it isn’t strange. In fact it’s a great thing. There aren’t too many things these days that are made in pretty much the same way they were thousands of years ago.

To make your own wine or be a part of making it, even in some small way, puts us in touch with our ancient civilizations and ancestors. It takes us outside ourselves and gives us a breathtakingly broad view of history and our place in it. That’s pretty cool.

So go ahead... think about stuff like this.

Ok... let's stomp some grapes : )

In fact, you can get involved in all kinds of wine and winemaking activities. I can tell you how to get started.

Winemakers and vineyards have seen an explosion of interest in their craft, and they have realized that they are no longer simply supplying a “product” to “customers”... they are creating moments, memories and lifestyles.

More and more, winemakers are opening their vineyards and cellars to us. And not just for tours or afternoon winetasting... but the entire process.

You can now book an entire vacation based on wine production and education. In fact, you can even create your own commercial “brand” based on your taste and vision, with your chosen winemaker and vineyard as partner and mentor. Some folks go on to start their own wine club offering the wine they create.

But, if you like, you can just create a limited batch of your own wine for friends and family...with your own custom label and bottle.

“Best time we ever had... the whole family loved it”

A good example is Crushpad wine in northern California. They can now provide accommodation, vineyard transportation, classes and yes.... you even get to "stomp grapes in Napa."

Now do you see why we call passion for wine a “journey” and an “adventure”?

Why just be a sightseer when you can be a part of the view?

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