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vineyard Editor’s note: Many of you by now, are very familiar with the theme that runs through our entire site at Best Wine Clubs Guide.
Enjoying fine wine awakens all our senses and teaches us to recognize colors, tastes and scents. Suddenly we are able to more fully experience people, sights, sounds and tastes in all parts of our lives.

I have a great belief that people need to slow down and reacquaint themselves with the pleasures of “home”. Wine clubs as well as all the simple treasures that go with fine wine, help you rediscover that the good life actually begins at home. 

When we learn this... our journey through life becomes more of an adventure, full of changes and surprises..

Wine and chocolate


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Like wine, fine chocolate deserves the full attention of all our senses. A wine lover quickly realizes that chocolate offers an exciting pairing opportunity for socializing with friends and loved ones. Just below our wine and chocolate pairings list, we have party and date ideas.

Here are some wine and chocolate pairings you’ll love. As always we have great prices arranged just for our readers for the wines and chocolates we discuss.

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Wine and Chocolate Pairings

When you choose the right wine and chocolate pairings it makes for a truly great experience for all.

Remember that your wine should be as sweet or sweeter than the chocolate.

For dark or bittersweet chocolate (60-90% cocoa) choose heavier, full bodied wines.
For milk chocolate, (10-20% cocoa) a lighter, fruitier wine is the way to go.
Chocolate desserts are quite sweet, with their icings or whipped cream, so this calls for sweeter wines.
* Did you know that both red wine and dark chocolate have been proven to be healthy for your heart and circulation?

Wine and chocolate tasting parties

For a special romantic date or a full wine and chocolate tasting party, buy an assortment of chocolate with a wide range of cocoa content. Milk chocolate, Semi-sweet chocolate and Dark chocolate. And get the good stuff.

It won't cost an arm and a leg, but getting fresh gourmet chocolate is so worth it.

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This may be the finest chocolate on the planet, and what a difference it’ll make to your wine and chocolate event or date.
chocolate* Have a dish of nicely broken pieces of milk chocolate, another of semi-sweet and another with dark chocolates. Label each plate.

* Once everything is set up, the host or hostess takes charge and offers the first plate of chocolate to everyone and pours each person an ounce or two of the appropriate wine.

* After sampling the chocolate and letting the scent and flavors melt in the mouth, follow with a slow wine tasting.

Then let the discussion begin and see what each person’s impressions and thoughts are. Tell them to be as creative as possible in describing what they are sensing.

There are no wrong answers. Here’s some advice for chocolate tasting...

Chocolate tasting tips

Just like you would do with your wine, use all your senses when tasting a piece of fine chocolate.
  • Look - at the color and glow or sheen of the chocolate
  • Listen- for the snap of the chocolate as you break it. (The higherchocolate the cocoa content, the more it will snap) and hold it close to your nose and breath deeply.
  • Smell - the piece after breaking, and breath deeply
  • Taste - the chocolate by letting it melt in your mouth releasing all its character into your  senses.
Make a mental note of all the impressions the chocolate has left with you.

The scent and taste of fine chocolate should bring back memories, moments and reminders of smells that will be unique to each person tasting the chocolate.

Sharing these memories and impressions is fascinating and sometimes touching or hilarious.

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