"Wine ratings are given for each wine I receive from my wine club. How are wines rated?"

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Wine ratings are often determined using a 100 point scale by recognized wine tasting experts.

Typically, experts will spend part of each year traveling to vineyards tasting and noting the conditions and quality for that variety and season’s offering.

Then later, there's a blind re-tasting at a wine's intended peak age. First opinions are compared to initial tasting notes. Finally, a rating is given for a specific wine and vintner (winemaker).

A wine is awarded points for color, aroma, taste and finish ("finish" basically means the quality of taste that lingers immediately after the initial tasting)

Editor's note: Remember to use expert ratings only as a comparison and a starting point for your own opinion.

It's always... always your taste that matters most on your wine journey.

Here are some industry examples:

 The Wine Spectator’s ratings are based on the judgments of their own wine editors. Each editor specializes in a single region and rates wines only for that region.

This is The Wine Spectator’s 100-Point Scale and what its scoring means:

  • 95-100-- Classic; a great wine
  • 90-94-- Outstanding; superior character and style
  • 80-89-- Good to very good; wine with special qualities
  • 70-79-- Average; drinkable wine that may have minor flaws
  • 60-69-- Below average; drinkable but not recommended
  • 50-59-- Poor; undrinkable, not recommended
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Robert Parker is a recognized wine critic and publisher of the respected Wine Advocate.

Mr. Parker uses his own 100 point wine ratings scale on which many other publications like Wine & Spirits, Steven Tanzer's International Wine Cellar, Connoisseurs Guide and The Wine News, are thought to base their own 100 point ratings.

This is Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 100-Point Scale and what the scoring means:

  • 96-100-- Extraordinary; a classic wine of its variety
  • 90-95-- Outstanding; exceptional complexity and character
  • 80-89-- Barely above average to very good; wine with various degrees of flavor
  • 70-79-- Average; little distinction beyond being soundly made
  • 60-69-- Below average; drinkable, but containing noticeable deficiencies
  • 50-59-- Poor; unacceptable, not recommended

Editors note: Soon we will be adding a chart to the site showing how wines from all over the world have rated... showing their scores for the last number of years.

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